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Treasure Potato balls (Noodles Wrapped)

Off late am interested in developing recipes on my own. One such is this treasure potato balls, cheesy inside and extremely crispy with noodles wrapped around it. The basic potato cheese balls is already posted on the site. While the potato cheese balls is crispy and cheesy, am particular about the longevity of the crispiness, which is easily attained when the noodles are wrapped around it. Probably it might sound like a bit long process, but trust me this is super delicious, addictive and its definitely a treat to your eyes.


Boiled potatoes 5

Onion powder 1 teaspoon

Garlic powder 1 teaspoon

Italian seasoning 1/2 teaspoon

Green chillies 1 teaspoon (finely chopped)

Salt as needed

Mozzarella cheese cut into small cubes

All purpose flour 2 tablespoon for dusting

Cooked Noodles 1 cup

Oil for deep frying

How to start

Mash the potatoes without any lumps. Make sure it is smooth. Add onion powder, garlic powder, italian seasoning, green chillies, salt. Knead everything together and form a smooth dough. The dough should not be soggy. Make small balls from this mixture. Flatten the ball and keep a cube of mozzarella in the center.

Now bring the ball together and shape it without any cracks. Make sure you do not press it too hard. Shape all the balls in the same manner and set aside.

Now in a wide plate take the cooked noodles, dust it with flour, so that the noodles do not stick together.

Take each potato balls and wrap it with noodles. Take one strand of noodles and carefully roll it around the balls. Repeat the process until each potato ball is wrapped nicely with noodles.

Now roll the prepared dough balls in all purpose flour, and set aside. Heat oil in a kadai. Deep fry the balls until golden brown on medium low flame.

Serve hot with tomato ketchup.


If you feel the dough is soggy, add a teaspoon of corn flour to it.

Onion powder and garlic powder can be replaced with finely chopped onions and ginger garlic, which delivers a different flavor.

Grated paneer can also be added along with potatoes

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