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Rava Dosa/Restaurant Style Rava Dosa

Rava Dosa - a crispy thin lacy dosa that needs some tips and tricks to follow to attain the restaurant style taste. I was not a big fan of Rava Dosa, as i hardly taste it but i remember my Dad used to order only for Rava dosa, when we go for dine out. He says the best rava dosas are made only in restaurant. It is super crispy and thin, and a bite of rava dosa with coconut chutney is bliss, and that is the reason i started loving it in recent times.

There are some simple techniques to follow which will result in perfect rava dosa.

  • Use medium sized rava or semolina. Do not use bansi rava or any thick rava.

  • Adding curd aids in good colour and flavor.

  • Cooking the dosa in low flame is must, as that helps in crispy crunchy dosa.

  • Iron tawa is recommended as it helps in even cooking and also crispy dosa.

  • The dosa batter has to be watery like buttermilk consistency, thick batter would not result in good rava dosa.

  • The dosa batter should be poured around the edges first and then towards the center.

  • Do not pour too much batter on one place, also do not keep pouring the batter at one spot again and again.

  • Do not try to fill all the gaps as you pour the batter, you want it to be thin.

  • The rava settles down at the bottom after sometime, so make sure to stir in between at regular intervals.

  • Add little water in between, when you feel the batter gets thick.

  • Start making dosa only on well heated tawa and immediately reduce it to low flame until the dosa turns crispy and golden brown.

  • Patience is the key, one perfect rava dosa will take around 10 minutes.


Rava 1/2 cup

Rice flour 1/2 cup

Maida 1/4 cup

Curd 3 tablespoon

Water 2 1/2 cups

Onion 1 finely chopped

Pepper 1 tablespoon

Ginger 1 inch piece finely chopped

Green chillies 2 chopped fine

Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon

Coriander leaves 1 tablespoon chopped

Curry leaves 1 sprig chopped

salt as needed

Oil for making dosa

How to Start?

In a wide bowl add rava, rice flour, maida, curd, salt and water. Give it a good mix without forming any lumps. Now add onions, green chillies, ginger, curry leaves, coriander leaves, cumin seeds and pepper corns. Mix well and let this rest for minimum 20 to 25 minutes.

After 25 minutes, mix the batter well and check for consistency. The batter should be thin and watery not unlike the regular dosa batter. Add water if needed.

Heat an iron tawa. once the tawa gets nicely heated up, take batter in a ladle and start pouring from the edges, moving towards the center.

The batter should be poured in a thin layer. Use a ladle and pour the batter onto the tawa from a height. This will help in getting a nice net like pattern. Drizzle a teaspoon of oil over it.

Reduce the flame and cook on low flame until the dosa turns crispy and golden brown. It will take atleast 10 to 12 minutes to make one perfect crispy rava dosa. Remember to mix the batter before making the next dosa and add water if you feel the batter is thick.

Serve crispy rava dosa with coconut chutney.

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