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Maddur Vada

Maddur Vada is a popular savoury dish here in Maddur town, which is located in Mandya district in Karnataka. This snack is so delicious that almost most of the travellers towards Bangalore Mysore highway would have tasted. The onions added in the vada are caramelized and that gives more of crunch and taste.

Maddur vada is made with a combination of maida, semolina and rice flour. The ratio of these flours are more important, as anything added out of the ration mentioned might turn your vada a little hard. We also add a laddle of hot oil while making the vada and that makes the vada more crunchy.


Maida 1 cup

Semolina/Rava 1/2 cup

Rice flour 1/2 cup

Hot oil 4 tablespoon

Onion 2 finely chopped

Green chilli 2 finely chopped

Curry leaves 2 sprigs finely chopped

Coriander leaves 3 tablespoon finely chopped

Cashews 5 to 8 finely chopped

Asafoetida 1/4 teaspoon

Red chilli powder 1 teaspoon

Salt as needed

Oil for frying

How to Start?

In a wide bowl add onions, green chillies, curry leaves, coriander leaves, cashews, asafoetida, red chilli powder, salt. Mix everything together. Set aside for 10 minutes. This helps in onions releasing the moisture out. Now add the maida, rava and rice flour along with 4 tablespoon of hot oil. Mix everything well and set aside the mixture again for 10 minutes.

Now mix and bind everything together. The moisture from the onions is enough to make the dough, but then if you need add a tablespoon of water or more and combine the dough. Add very less water and combine well, that helps in crispier vadas.

Heat a kadai with oil for deep frying. Divide the dough in equal golf sized balls. Now to make the Maddur vada, grease your palms with a little oil and also grease a small piece of parchment paper with oil as  well. Take a small ball of the Maddur Vada dough and pat it flat over the paper with your greased fingers. Do not pat it more thin.

Carefully slide the Maddur Vada into the hot oil and deep fry on both the sides for about 1 minute over medium heat. The vada should turn brown and crisp.

Once golden brown and crisp, remove the Maddur vada from the oil and drain it over a paper towel.

Serve the Maddur Vada with coconut chutney along with a cup of hot coffee


Adding hot oil while mixing the dough is must, do not skip the step.

Onions enhances the taste, so do not reduce the quantity mentioned.

Do not make the vada more thin.

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