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Karaikudi Tomato Chutney/Thakkali Kara chutney

Idly and karaikudi tomato chutney with some sesame oil drizzled on top is something that made me smile right from my childhood. The secret of this recipe is its color which will be fiery hot red, but it is not that spicy.

You can use either desi/country tomatoes or hybrid bangalore tomatoes. Country tomatoes gives the exact tart needed for the chutney. But in case if you have only bangalore tomatoes you can add a teaspoon of tamarind paste.

On the other hand country tomatoes would not give the fiery hot red color where as bangalore tomatoes gives the red colour but the sourness will be little less. Adjust the tomato quantity as per the tomato variety you have. The ratio of onion to the tomato is 1:3 and if you are adding more onion than the ratio mentioned here it would spoil the taste. Strictly this recipe requires only sesame oil.


To Grind

Onion 1

Tomato 3 (I used country tomato)

Garlic 5 to 6 cloves

Red chilli powder 1 1/2 teaspoon

Kashmir red chilli powder 1/4 teaspoon (for the color)

Dry red chilli -2

Salt as needed

For tempering

Mustard 1 teaspoon

Curry leaves 1 sprig

Sesame oil 3 tablespoons

How to start?

In a blender grind everything together under " To grind" into a smooth paste.

Heat a kadai, add 2 tablespoon sesame oil. Temper with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Once the mustard starts spluttering add the ground paste. Add a cup of water and simmer the chutney for 10 minutes until the raw smell goes off.

Finally add the remaining tablespoon of sesame oil and switch off the flame.

Karaikudi Tomato chutney and steaming hot idlis is the best combo you will need on a lazy morning.

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