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Gratitude in a relationship - Are you doing it right?

Say “Thank You” One of the most heard word by a child. We teach our kids the manners of saying “Thank you”, but never have we explained them the beauty of gratitude and what it means to say a thank you.

“ Thank you” has been just phrase of responding when someone does something favorable for you, and every time when our kids get a chocolate or toy we intimidate them to say a

“ Thank You” and as days pass by kids say “Thank you”, not because of the real feeling of gratitude, but because we taught them that it is the good manners.

Forget about being a good mannered kid. As we age, don’t we forget what we are taught as kids, specially with our partners or with our family members.

When was the last time you thanked your spouse. When was the last time you explained your gratitude and sent a text note. When it comes to relationship we have always taken them for granted.

When we start appreciating our partners, the relationship will get more lively, and you will happen to see harmony. Appreciate even the simple things you find on your spouse. That brings the connection. When you are busy with your own struggles, and forget to see the best on your spouse, all you will have at the end of the relationship is frustration.

How does it work?

Start listing out three things, you are thankful for or three things you wanted to appreciate on what your partner did, that particular day.

Now the important thing is “ Don’t expect your partner to reciprocate”. Start today and start yourself. It starts with you. Overtime the other person will find the lost love and gratitude, and eventually reciprocate you

How does it help?

When you start appreciating or feel thankful on how your spouse made a difference that particular day, one obvious thing will happen.

They will “LISTEN TO YOU”

Once they start listening, they will try to reciprocate and think of positive attributes about you.

Practice this every night. As time goes on, this practice will increase the intimacy and it will bring all the positive attributes about your partner. Everything else you have made an issue about so far, will seem like a dust!! Yeah, you can wipe it off.

Practicing gratitude on a daily basis can literally make any relationship the happiest. It can transform the way you think which will change the way you feel about someone. So what are you waiting for? Start it today, with a belief that more of love is felt with gratitude expressed. Express yourself.

And most importantly teach your kids that being grateful is more of a feeling and not just good manners. Lets raise humans, for even robots are programmed to say “THANK YOU”

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