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 Hey!! I am happy you are here. I am Preethi, a self taught cook from Bangalore, India. Am an avid foodie who is passionately in love with good food. I love experimenting with new recipes and giving it my own twist. Cooking good food inspires and excites me. I am totally obsessed with food. Food is something that connects us, probably is the best way to show your love to your loved ones. I love cooking, baking and everything that is food. My space,  "gravy greets" is all about recipes out of the Indian, continental cuisines. "Gravy greets" focuses mainly on the Indian recipes because I personally feel the need to document and share the traditional recipes with the future generations. You can definitely alter my recipes  based on your own taste. There is no hard and fast rule for cooking, all you need is some patience and keen interest loaded with love. I hope my space inspires you to step into the kitchen and cook some delicious meals, after all whats this life without good food. 


But that's not all, I love writing and you can check on my writings from my article page for some engaging reads about parenting, lifestyle and relationship


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